Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Playing Lord of the Rings today...

Because of extra long maintenance again. Not that I care. My rogue turned 76 last night. One of my Death Knights is 68. My druid is bored and doesn't want to do anything except for the cooking daily. What difference does it make? She doesn't do instances or pvp so I don't really need better gear, do I? No of course not, I mean that is what all the 'raiders' and 'pvpers' say anyway-losers like me don't deserve good gear because we don't do anything with it. Fine, so I will just sit in Dalaran and look like a loser while running around doing my cooking daily because I don't get better gear so NOONE wants anything to do with me. Thanks for making me not want to play this game at all. It's a vicious circle(and not just because that is the name of my human mage's guild). Can't get better gear because I have crap gear, but can't get better gear because I can't GET BETTER GEAR! WHAT??!!?? And I will not lower myself to pvp or arena just to have purples. I hate it and it won't happen. Man I hate this game.

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