Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ding 80...so what

So what now? Yeah, my Druid turned 80 last Wednesday. And I've been doing dailies for rep and money...
Argent Crusade...loads more quests in Icecrown that I have not even touched

Kirin Tor...well I get 250 per day from the cooking quest-the staff at revered may be mine in a few months

Wyrmrest...2 dailies, 500 rep, so yeah, I might have that dragon mount in about 6 months

Oracles...finally managed to get a group for this and to start their dailies-at least this is easy and I only need revered to be able to sit and wait each week for the egg to hatch and hope I get something good(though with my druid's luck, not likely)

Yeah, they have this thing called "Championing" now-put on a tabard and do a level 80 dungeon and you get whatever rep you want. Only I don't do dungeons because I suck, so all the other 80s are running around in epics already(yeah, the game has been out, what 2 weeks?) and are exalted with all of the factions already and I sit in Dalaran and fish-and I even suck at that.

So I log in and play other characters. Yeah, my hunter is 71.5; my human mage is 71; my rogue is 2 bars from 73; my Undead mage is 70.5ish; and 2 Death Knights at 61 and 62. But I am tired. And I don't feel like playing. But I just can't stop. :(

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