Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bored? Maybe, maybe not

Tuesday, maintenance. But wait, NO, not today! Hooray! Only rolling restarts. Which means I log in with my rogue and get him situated to grab the last 2 books for the Kirin Tor achievement/minipet. Except when the realm says it is up, all I get is "Logging in to game server". For an hour. Urgh.

Finally I log in on Draenor with my Death Knight. I get his skinning from 253 to 320 in Feralas and Winterspring on yetis. Then head to Zangarmarsh to finish off quests there. Then to Terrokar for a few more. Get to a few bars from 65. Almost ready for Nagrand.

And then I get bored and attempt to get back on Kael'Thas. Yep, it is actually up now. Who knows how long, really. I don't even bother with my rogue looking for the books. I take Kick to Stormpeaks for the dailies there. Blue chicks-more snowballs and cheese. woot. And then Sons of Hodir. Found an extra ice crystal thing today and am at 10200/12k. Maybe tomorrow, most likely Thursday, I will have my Wooly Mammoth mount. And then I won't go near there for quite awhile. I'd still like a Polar Bear mount from the Blue Chicks, but with my luck it ain't gonna happen. I will be happy with the Mammoth that I can flat out buy. Not that I use my mounts that often. If I am somewhere flyable, I am in bird form, and around Dalaran I prefer cheetah because the streets are busy enough as it is.

So then I rambled on up to Icecrown, where I hadn't even gone yet except to explore. Got started on a few of the Knights of the Ebon Blade quests, just enough to get friendly and open up the quartermaster so I could buy a tabard. It's dark, it looks cool. Look forward to getting my Death Knights there(yeah, sometime in the year 2010>.<). Then hopped over to do the first few for Argent Crusade, enough to get a blue trinket which frankly sucks for a feral druid as far as I can tell.

And then I got bored and logged out. And don't really know who to log in with now. Finish more quests with my druid, make lots of money, farm mats for all of the other characters? Or get another character leveled up? And if so, which one? My Blood Elf hunter or my Human mage or my Death Knight?

Bored. Hmmmm. Work on my website? Maybe...

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