Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Still solo after all these years

Despite my distaste for Cataclysm when it first came out, I'm still rolling along just fine. As can be seen here-I'm playing so much I don't find the time to post! (but today is patch day, so...and the death of power shifting for my beloved Druids, /cry)

So far to this point I've...
  • Have 4 characters at level 85
  • Most of the rest of my 80s are at least level 83(only 2 of them haven't really been touched)
  • Troll Druid is level 74, Dwarf Shaman is level 65
  • Goblin Rogue is level 40
  • Worgens are still lagging behind, just not thrilled with them
  • Doing as many of the Holiday achievements as possible with as many characters as possible(only the easy ones and any that give mini-pets)
  • All four 85s have their Tol Barad weapons, working on the Ghost Wolf mount with my Druid
  • Main Druid is at 14 archaeology rares, ready to make the push to "Professor" after the patch hits and makes it somewhat easier
  • Still NO dungeons done except for holiday bosses and any that can be soloed at a higher level
Of course, we've had mass amounts of snow and bad weather, and our car doesn't run well, so there's no going anywhere anyway.

Another note, our little guild of 3 is level 4. It isn't much compared to most, and it is disappointing still that it is taking so long to get higher, but it's getting there. We might fill up a 1/5 of a bar per day, depending on how many dailies I feel like doing(and whether I'm playing on another realm altogether). The perks we have so far #1 faster leveling(haven't really noticed), #2 faster mount speed(haven't really noticed-except that my Swift Flight Form is slower than everyone else-at least that changes with the patch today), and #3 Increased rep(this one helps since quests and dailies are our only way of gaining rep).

I'm still not as thrilled with this expansion, but that can always change. The Argent Tournament didn't come in until well into Wrath, so there is still hope for more fun and dailies in the future. And at least they made the one "group" quest in Tol Barad available without joining the group. If only they would do that with the named mobs on the other island. I am so sick of the fighting over the named mobs, my ignore list is filling up by leaps and bounds. >.<

Oh and "Boo" to the Packers. Just "boo". Bleh, the Puppy Bowl was more interesting.

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Laurie said...

Check your blogs out. You have real talent as a photographer. You should let people follow - where is the button?