Monday, February 28, 2011

The state of a small guild

I hear people talk about being in "small guilds", and then they talk about what raid they are doing that week. That isn't a "small guild". Our guild is small, three -3- active people: myself, my husband and my kid(who isn't all that active). And this past week we hit level 5.

I know I b*tched and moaned previously about how unfair it is for us small guilds-and I still think it is-but I think we've done alright. Yes, I really think we should be much higher at this point-and I wouldn't give two hoots if every other guild were already level 25. Five levels in three months, so maybe, just maybe we will hit level 10 by May or June. That is of course as long as we keep doing dailies, because we are running out of characters to level up to 85.

So a three person guild has hit level 5. It really makes me think twice when I see any guild at a lower level attempting to invite me on realms where my characters are guildless. And I have joined a couple of guilds on other realms. One on my Dwarf Shaman, which is the same guild my old Dwarf Paladin was in many moons ago. That guild is around level 13 right now and they have many 85s, and they attempt to raid. My Undead Death Knight(level 83) just joined a mega guild, level 18 I think, just for the hell of it. There are so many people on usually, I never need to even acknowledge them.

Not only has our little guild managed to make it to level 5, but we also went around and knocked out all of the Classic Dungeon Master achievements last week. Requirements were changed to only need 3 out of 5 people for the achievement, so we lucked out in that one. We might eventually attempt to do the Outland Heroic achievements, though I still don't even know where all of the dungeons are in Outland. Shame there isn't a "regular Outland dungeon" guild achievement-those would probably be easy.

The biggest news of all though-we actually managed to kill Zul'jin in Zul'Aman! We went in just to farm Hex Sticks so my kid could get the Mojo pet(success!), and we just kept attempting each boss and succeeding! Of course, there was no guild achievement, we would need 8 people in the group-but we got the individual achievements, which will be nice if they happen to take old Zul'Aman away. But still...we killed Zul'jin! Us crappy little players in our less than 333 gear! (I'm sure many are laughing at how they soloed it during Wrath, but hey it was pretty exciting for us!)

So little guilds can accomplish, we will just be years behind every one else(which sucks). Now if we could just find a Human Hunter and Night Elf Mage in battlegrounds to get that Alliance Slayer achievement and have that little Guild Page minipet!

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