Sunday, February 27, 2011

Loremaster at last!

I finally finished up Loremaster on my Druid last week. I already had all of Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor done(and nearly complete when achievements were introduced way back when), all of Burning Crusade, and all of Northrend except for Icecrown. Finishing all of the Cataclysm zones were easy. Finishing the last 20 or so quests in Icecrown was the hurdle.

Since I rarely group outside of family members, the 5man quests in Icecrown had been a sore spot in my Loremaster trip. Being 85 and having more hit points than most of the NPCs you have to fight now made it trivial. That didn't mean I didn't have fun in the process. My daughter and I took an hour or so hunting down the leftover quests and knocking them out.

And viola! I had my title and silly looking tabard(well, silly looking on a Tauren female). I think I will be using this title and only this title for a long time to come. This feels like quite an accomplishment for me, an unabashed altoholic who spends time playing on at least 6 or 7 characters a day-doing dailies and an hour of questing here, hour of questing with someone else there. I have one other character who is somewhat close to getting the title, but none of my others is even in the ballpark.

But it feels nice to have it done. Now to wait and see if they ever add an addition to "the Seeker"(3000 quests completed), seeing as how my stats say I have around 4800 quests complete with her! A new title at 5k quests would be a cinch since I have barely touched any quests in the new and improved low level zones! Bring on "the Quester"! (or whatever might sound much cooler than that!)

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