Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What have I been up to?

Well, I have been attempting to play WoW, through all of the computer problems. And some of the things I've accomplished over the last month:
  • Finally finished the Wintersaber training with my human mage. Beautiful cat, though I could never go through that grind again
  • 10th character to level 80. And one more at 79, knocking on the doorstep
  • 6th level 80 to Crusader with Argent Tournament, and another that will be in a couple more days
  • Netherwing Drakes for most of my characters on my main realm.
  • STILL NO Heroic dungeons done, ever
  • STILL NO heirloom items on any character
  • Lots of Wintergrasp, since Horde seem to own it on our server, so lots of shiny purple(like I give a crap) gear on several of my 80s

That's mostly been it. Leveling, Argent dailies, Wintergrasp.

As for my characters, this is the breakdown of them:
  • 2 80 Mages
  • 2 80 Death Knights
  • 2 80 Paladins
  • 80 Druid
  • 80 Hunter
  • 80 Rogue
  • 80 Shaman
  • 79 Hunter
  • 75 Hunter
  • 75 Rogue
  • 74 Warrior
  • 72 Druid
  • 72 Paladin
  • 70 Warlock
  • 63 Priest
  • 58 Paladin

...and the rest are not really played right now. Whew, that's a lot of playing. At least I'm still having fun. :)


Bloodshrike said...

Hiya! I was just scanning the Art of Solo-ing WoW blog, and saw your blog bookmarked on there. I clicked on it, and saw you were a fellow altoholic.

Just a quick question.
"As someone who refuses to do dungeons, raids and arenas, even a small upgrade such as this is HUGE in how you feel about your character"

May I ask why you don't want to do dungeons? For myself, my first 80 was an 80 for a while before I attempted a dungeon, and I only did it because I wanted the roses for a meta achievement. I was scared that I'd mess up and wipe the group or something.

All it really took was just playing follow the leader. I'd wait to see what everyone else was shooting/hitting, then do the same.

Skaut said...

Hiya, thanks for reading.

As to why I don't do dungeons-well, I just can't bring myself to try. Fear of failure is pretty much the main reason. I don't even want to take the chance that someone is going to yell at me for doing the wrong thing, because I KNOW it will happen. The only time I ever ran dungeons, back before BC came out, even the people that were supposed to be 'friends' were yelling at me for screwing up.

I'm a girl, I'm waaaaay to sensitive and self-critical, I *know* I suck and am going to screw up and I'm just saving myself the humiliation and saving the rest of the WoW community from another 'noob' that they would have to put up with being horrible in a dungeon. I read other blogs and forums and everyone has dozens of stories about 'that idiot I grouped with today'-I refuse to be 'that idiot'.

Pretty much the main reason.

Anonymous said...

Why not buy heirlooms with your crusader seals? Unless you use them for mounts etc.

I was extremely sensitive to criticism as well, which is why I never did dungeons and played mostly solo. The lure of badges and achievements overcame my doubts. Sure there were times (not that many, thankfully) where I was criticized, but I persevered. It could be that you're better at this game than you think.