Sunday, September 05, 2010

Lost my password again....

Yeah, things have not been great in my life the past 6 months or so. Culminating with mouth surgery a week ago. I'm not in a good mood and I have to eat soup and pudding. I won't go into all the problems we have had, but let's just say that the only thing I've really been able to do lately is play WoW.

I suppose I'm still having fun, but updating this blog hasn't been a priority. Frankly I didn't figure anybody would miss it. I mean, I'm not in beta, I don't have awesome info on how to make money or strategy on how to fight anything. I'm just on here whining about how much I suck at this game. Heh.

I suck so much that I now have 14 level 80s. Yes, FOURTEEN. Eleven of them have the "Crusader" title from the Argent Tournament. My 2nd Death Knight will have it soon, just working on that old world reputation(not easy for Undead like it is for Humans). Two more are a few weeks off. Twelve of my 80s have epic flying, 11 of those have Netherwing drakes. Working on getting the "Chef" title for a few of them, but some recipes just refuse to drop for me(damn you Stormchops!).

And still no heroics and no heirlooms and no refer-a-friend.


I have been spending a lot of time reading and watching videos on beta. And it is really starting to look like they are pushing people away from soloing, so I am really considering being "done" soon. From mobs being almost quite difficult for players in Tier gear, to all the new perks being only for those who join huge guilds and raid(or join pvp guilds and only do pre-mades with them). I really haven't seen anything for the "soloer" in all of the news coming out. Maybe archaeology(which I am really looking forward too), but if that's it, well that's not much.

Sure the guild perks are just that, perks-meant to be extras. We get by just fine now without the XP bonus and gathering bonus. It is frustrating to see the things like mounts and pets only available to those who put in tons of time in a large guild. It isn't enough incentive to get me to change though. I can't speak for all soloers, but shutting this one out of so much in the expansion is just going to make me quit-not change my evil ways.

I know it's beta, but they have also talked about making the mobs tougher to fight. I've watched the videos from Jesse Cox and the mobs go from being pushovers(expected from someone in his gear) to being so tough that he heals up after every fight. If he is getting to half health after each mob in his gear, what is someone fresh from Northrend going to do? Go raid Icecrown whatever before you can head to Hyjal?

I'll level a Goblin, and a Worgen(and maybe more than one or two of each-I have lots of names saved). But it's possible that once they finish Azeroth, they(and I) will be done with the game. I just haven't seen anything that makes me excited about Cataclysm.

And maybe that's their idea. I keep hearing that I shouldn't be playing this game because it isn't meant for soloers. It was just fine for a soloer for 5 years, but it's starting to look like it's going to change. And I'm sure 99% of the WoW population just look down their noses at me and say "good riddance".

Gah, my mouth hurts. :(


Anonymous said...

i miss it! checks it often to see if there is something new :) I love to play solo myself, and it's annoying to see all the things that isn't in reach, like the new guild perks(I want those cheap pets and mount too!), the best gear and so on. But i still think that cata is going to be awesome, there is so much that they are offering :) ..but i might have to take it all back after a while, we will se :) And those new starting zones, oh sweet lord! ;D

Good luck with the mouth :p

Joar said...

14 level 80's now! Heck Skaut. You are a huge guild all by yourself!

Seriously, start up a guild. Shouldn't be too hard to get signatures either by checking in a starting area or by offering a few gold in a major city. Then boot everyone and just put all your alts in. And let the guild achievements and perks roll.