Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Computers, ugh.

I haven't posted in awhile-computer problems. First my old computer got to the point where it just didn't want to play WoW anymore. At least not while it was somewhat warm in our computer room. To the point where I was being disconnected every few minutes. So, though we can't really afford it right now, we get me a new computer. And then the REAL fun starts.

The new computer freezes up every so often. Just freezes everything. No matter if it's in WoW or a screensaver. Had it for a week and was ready to tear my hair out. Finally took it back to the store and said "FIX IT!" They ended up giving me a new computer, something about the hard drive being screwed up.

So I've had this computer for about a month now. Here's the thing. While I was having problems, I began using my kid's computer. And I took my password helper to her desk. And I lost it. So for the last month I've been guessing at passwords in hopes of getting in to even my own e-mail and all the places I frequent. It's frustrating. Since I try to use really sort of random things for passwords so that aren't easy to crack(and change them often), I hardly remember most myself. So getting back into my fave places has been a trial. Not to mention that I am terrified of downloading anything to this computer for fear of it crashing on me like the last one and losing it all again.

So I'm taking my time. Just playing WoW and staying inside away from the heat. And praying.

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