Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I've never...(updated)

I thought it was about time that I updated my I've never... post that I made back in May. Honestly I'd forgotten about it, but my kid was reading old posts the other day and reminded me that some of them are no longer true.

So here are the updates(in bold)

  • Stepped foot into Molten Core or Zul'Gurub and I don't even know where Blackwing Lair is
The guild I joined did some old raids a month or so ago. I got the achievements for killing Ragnaros and Hakkar. I still have no clue where Blackwing Lair is(aside from somewhere in Blackrock Mtn)

  • Done Scholo or Strat with an appropriate level group

  • Been in a raid instance, ever, anywhere(that one in WG I did once, but I wouldn't count that-and I'll never go back)
As mentioned above, I've gone back and done a few old ones. And lately have attempted to farm the raptor minipet in Zul'Gurub

  • Raided an opposing factions city

  • Completed any Northrend instance
Nope, still haven't. Six level 80s, absolutely NO Northrend instances done.

  • Gotten the title "Jenkins" on any character-I don't even know where the place is that you can get it
Nope. Still thinks its silly.
  • Been equipped in all epic gear
Well, my druid is 2 spots from being fully epicced-thanks to some Wintergrasp and crafted epics.

  • Won the fishing contest-though I have certainly tried
Nope. But there is a new one coming in the new patch-so who knows!

  • Killed an opposing factions NPC, anywhere(BGs do not count)
Nope. Still never, it just seems wrong to me.
  • Gotten a single Honorable Kill with my hunter, Wyl. Level 80 with 0 HKs
Still not a single one.

  • Advertised anything in /trade chat
  • Made any friends in game-oh sure I add people to my friends list every now and then, but they never speak to me again usually after that day so I just delete them later
I'd have to say still 'nope'. I talk to people in the new guild every now and then, but I don't spend a lot of time doing anything with them.
  • Killed Onyxia
Well, like I mentioned above, this new guild did a few old raids, so I did get to kill Onyxia before she was revamped to level 80. Sort of anticlimatic I think.

  • Fished up Mr Pinchy-thousands of lobsters later. Grrrrr
Well, I didn't do it-my kid snuck in and did it for me!

  • Joined the Looking For Group thing, I don't even know how it works
Nope. Shame too, there is a new achievement coming to reward you for doing this and you get a "Perky Pug" pet(get it, pug??). No pet for me.
  • Been in any heroic dungeon, Outland or Northrend, not even stepped foot in one
Nope. Still never have. I don't even know how to make a dungeon 'heroic'.
  • Leveled past 33 on a PvP server-I just don't get the fun there
Nope, my druid there is still 33.
  • Been in a guild with more than about 10 people in it(my old PvP character is in a huge guild, but since I haven't logged in with him since about last November[and don't plan ever to again] I wouldn't really count him)
Well, like I mentioned below in other posts, I did join a large guild. Thing is, I only play that character in the morning-and most of them play in the evening. So I rarely see anyone. And that's okay with me, really.

So you see,I think most things haven't changed. And the ones that did are sort of underwhelming for me(except Mr Pinchy-that's awesome!).

Just going to go crawl back in my cave now.

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