Monday, June 15, 2009

Deadman's Hand...woot!

I started a new Paladin recently. After just a few weeks, she is already at level 37(and just got exalted with Stormwind today!). Over the weekend, I had my hubby's Death Knight run me through Scarlet Monastery and much to my surprise, Doan dropped Deadman's Hand! I could not believe it-in one run! And to further my luck, in the first run of Herod, I got the Scarlet Tabard! I'm still in shock!

This is actually my 2nd Deadman's Hand, my first was gotten by my Warlock, many moons ago. He was still wearing it until his mid-60s! Makes me wonder if I will ever take this one off of my new Pally.

And speaking of my Pally, have you ever started a character and felt so comfortable playing them that it seems like you should have been playing this character all along? Yep, this little Dwarf Paladin is doing that for me. I actually have a level 12 or so Dwarf Paladin on another realm that I abandoned ages ago. Sort of wishing I had stuck with them. But this one, the name I like, the look, everything. And I am having so much fun playing her that I've played nearly all of her 37 levels on unrested time, which is something I just never do. No matter! Plus, I've always wanted to ride an Alliance Paladin mount, it was one of the only ones I'd never ridden on any character-and now I have(still like the Blood Elf version better though!).


Darth Solo said...

Gratz on that but I would sell it if I were you. You will outgrow these low level epic drops fairly quickly but you can always use the money to buy, for example, several pieces of good greens that can give much better combined stats than that ring.

Scout said...

Actually, it is Bind on Pickup, so selling it on the AH isn't really an option. And I haven't *yet* come across anything with better stats! :) It's fun to have that Frost Nova go off all the time as a Paladin too!