Friday, June 26, 2009

And Ding 80 #5

Yes, Daneck, my human mage, hit level 80 yesterday. And then I started the Wintersaber grind with him. Not sure why, just something to do. Inspired by seeing the Venomhide Ravasaur quest on the Public Test Realms(which looks insanely easy, even though it takes 20 days worth of dailies).

The Midsummer Fire Festival has helped quite a few of my alts level up. I've done nearly all of my 'under 60' characters, and just about all of them got at least one level. A few of my 'over 60' characters got quite a chunk of xp as well. Though I really don't do the "desecrating" of the other factions flames(except in one case, which I will discuss in a moment), so I really only get about 1/3 of the possible XP available. Fine with me.

I DID do a little bit of desecrating with my mage, Daneck, as he is working towards the 75 pet achievement, and the Spirit of Summer makes #61 for him. My druid and rogue had gotten this back way back when it was a quest to obtain him. They also got their Fire Festival Crown for stealing the opposing factions cities flames 2 years ago-before achievements. And even though I still have the crowns, I did not get credit for that achievement, and I am not interested in making that run again. So none of my characters will have the Flame Keeper/Warden title, and that is fine with me.

And then there's Ahune. A boss I never thought I'd see, but they left him at level 70ish this year. So my hubby's Paladin, kid's mage, and my druid have been 3 manning him. And after 14 kills we haven't even seen the pet drop yet. Sad panda. There was that one run where we wiped...because our power went out when we had him at 10%. I'm certain he would have dropped the pet that one time. Grrrr. So all cloaks and LOTS of them, 1 staff(my kid wanted it badly) and 1 enchant(for my druid) so far. And lots of those stupid cloaks. Grrrrr.


Anonymous said...

A little info that might help with Ahune's pet not dropping is to make sure you run him on heroic difficulty as well as on normal difficulty. Apparently he has a MUCH higher chance to drop the pet on Heroic difficulty. Not sure if that's the normal routine for you already, but if not, definitely give that a shot!

Scout said...

Thanks for the advice. The only problem is, we can really barely beat him on regular, I don't think we'd stand a chance in Heroic. None of the three of us have ever even stepped foot in any heroic, Outland or Northrend, ever. I don't even know how to *make* an instance heroic!

The good news is that the pet dropped once over the weekend, so my kid got it. And we have the rest of the week for my chance. And if it doesn't drop, well, that's life! :)