Friday, July 03, 2009

God is great

beer is good, and people are crazy.

To quote Billy Currington.

Yep. I think I've just about had enough of the jerks in this game. Sarah Palin quit being Governor of Alaska today, and I think I'm quitting Warcraft. The straw finally broke the camels back and I've had enough of dealing with assholes who think it's funny and cool to completely ruin someone else's game time.

So way to go assholes of the World of Warcraft. You win. I hope you die in a fire.


Manym said...

Don't go! I'll miss your blog on my reader :(

David said...

Let me echo that as well. Please don't give it up because of a few jerks (or even a lot of jerks!) After all, in another month or two, most of them will be back in school and we can all go back to playing as normal.

I really enjoy your blog and would miss your insight a lot!

Joe said...

I've not commented but i do read, dont go, theres heaps of jerks, but as mentioned before, they will probably not get their parents to pay for their game when at school. Stand your ground! You can solo it!