Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still plodding along

I don't know why, but I still play.

Recently got the following achievements with Kick-500 daily quests, Loot 1000 gold, Receive 10000 gold from quest rewards. Exalted with Argent Dawn(8kish to go with Argent Crusade). Only 5 points from 450 cooking(and then suffering through 5 pvp games to get that achievement) and getting the "Chef" title.

And on the other hand...I have officially put our 'former' friends on /ignore. Yeah, the one I talked about before. I thought maybe things weren't as bad as I was making them out to be. They are. ASIDE from the fact that I know he didn't level his own character all the way to 80. And then one day later is being taken to Naxxramas. ASIDE FROM THIS....my kid wants to get all of the Holiday achievements(at the end of the year you get a special mount for finishing all of them). She had the first 2 done. The one for Lunar Festival, these past 2 weeks, involves entering some Northrend instances. It just so happened that he was IN the hardest one to get last week. She whispered him and asked nicely if she could hop in there after they were done to get to the Elder. At first he said 'ok'. He and his JERK of a son invited her to the group after they left the instance. Then they proceeded to (1) Not provide any hint of how to get to the instance entrance-they just left it, how do they not know HOW to get there???? (2) Provide no help whatsoever in explaining how to get to the Elder-though I could see later from their achievements in the Armory that they did in fact GET this Elder, (3) then his son tells her basically to 'hurry the hell up and get out of their group because they were waiting for her to get OUT so they could go into their next instance'!!!

WELL EXCUSE THE F***K OUTA ME FOR ASKING FOR ONE MEASLY FAVOR! Oh no, for the past 3 years we have JUMPED at the chance to help YOU with anything you asked our help with...but ONE TIME we ask for a favor and we are treated like this! If I had a huge red mean face I'd post it right here. I had my kid place the two on /ignore. I then logged into most of my characters and also put them on /ignore. It wasn't until the next day, when I was on my mage(who hadn't ignored them yet), and I saw them standing around Dalaran that I get this whisper "hey kid hows it going I'm headed to Naxx 10" I didn't even answer, I /ignored him right to his face. WAY TO ACT LIKE NOTHING EVER HAPPENED! And way to be HANDED free epix that you didn't even work for. JERK.

So....since we only had the ONE friend in our whole world before, we OFFICIALLY(in my book anyway) now have NONE. And I hate this game even more. But I just can't stop playing it.


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