Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I just can't do it

Play well with others, that is. Okay, it's not the 'play well' part, just the 'play'.

I don't want to raid. Really, I don't. I've already stated many times that purple gear doesn't excite me at all. But that really isn't the reason. Let me list them for you...

  • I can't use vent. Not that I don't want to, really. I really have a hard time hearing. I watch tv with the closed captioning on. I would need closed captioning for vent...guess what that is...CHAT LOG. But all guilds that I know of require you to use vent.
  • Raids happen at night. I spend time with my family at night. We are either watching tv shows, playing other games or playing WoW together...but any way I look at it, family>WoW.
  • I don't do well with other people telling me what to do. Especially if that person is 12 and continues to call me a loser. I'm not interested in putting up with that crap just for some GAME that I want to play for FUN.
  • I just don't like crowds. I don't like them at big events, even such as football games, I don't like them at the mall, like right before Christmas, and I don't like them in a GAME.
Those are the main reasons, really. I think they are pretty good reasons. I can't really see anyone beating those in order to convince me TO raid. Nope.

I'll just keep to my little BoE blues, solo quests and daily rep grinding. Now please leave me alone.

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