Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So we took up jewelcrafting because it was my bright idea to be able to use the BoP trinkets. The first available one is at JC level 200. We are at 115 right now. Seeing as how we also have tailoring, we don't have mining. And so every morning now I have to run around with my Pally gathering mats. Geez Louise it takes alot to level up! To get from 115 to 130, the easiest way, is to make Heavy stone statues-that takes 8 stones each, that is 120 heavy stone, times 2. After that to get from 130 to 150 takes 40 Shadowgem and 40 Bronze bars. The bronze bars is the easy part. Forty shadowgem, ugh. And 240 Heavy stone-well at least I can send the iron to my Warrior/blacksmith. I know nearly every inch of Thousand Needles. So I've moved on to Arathi. After hitting 150, we will need 120 mithril bars just to get to 180. I haven't even checked what's after that.

Another pain in the rump, and another reason to hate this game.

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