Friday, July 10, 2009

Keeping track of the jerks

So since I really can't stop playing this game, I've tried to come up with a way to keep track of the jerks I come across. I used to use DiggKarma which allowed you to rate players and keep notes on them. On a simple mouseover, I could tell if this was the idiot who begged me for runs through Scarlet Monastery or was a kill-stealer. But Wrath broke DiggKarma and that made me very sad.

I finally just HAD to find something similar. And it is Vanas KOS. Yes, it is primarily meant for PvP servers, but it works wonders for someone like me who just wants to play alone AND keep track of jerks. Some of the features of this add-on:

Add players, or even guilds, to a "Hate List" or "Nice List"

Allow messages to come through a raid-type warning and in the chat log and in a warning box whenever someone is in the area doing anything

Mouseover shows info on player that you may have added

I am LOVING this add-on. It tells me in bright red when there is someone around I want to avoid(I am pretty sure it gathers data from the combat log as well as mouseovers). I don't play on PvP servers(not anymore anyway), but this is an excellent add-on for someone like me who wants to avoid trouble(as well as most other people).

If you are looking for an add-on of this type, I highly recommend this one.

Yeah, I can't quit

To be honest, I've been very numb this past week due to losing someone who felt almost like a friend. Someone who has basically been in my life week in and week out for the last 15 years. After watching the memorial service on television last night, I was uplifted. And I remembered one thing-Steve was never a quitter. No injury kept him from playing, never a complaint.

Yes, I might be one of the few, geek and sports fan, but I was a sports fan first. And yes, I am a girl, but my first Christmas present was a football. Blame my dad, but I am pretty obsessed with sports. If you saw my den and thought the tons of Nascar or rows of hockey sticks or shelf after shelf of sports books belonged to my husband, you'd be very wrong. Heck, we named our daughter after my favorite hockey player!

Like I said, I've been numb since last Saturday. I mean, I was very sad when Dale Earnhardt died-but I couldn't STAND him as a driver. Steve was someone I watched every week for 13 years. Someone I had met and photographed. The one player I always had to have on my fantasy football team, no matter what.

I can't say that I lived my life in any certain way because of him. But I've never really been a complainer myself. Oh sure, I come on my blogs and cry about pains that are emotional(like anyone cares), but I've never been one to complain about physical ailments to the people around me. When I played sports, I played through pain. Heck, I don't even like taking aspirin for a headache. And maybe that's why I was so drawn to Steve over the years.

The memorial service, shown on television, from Mt Zion Baptist Church, was amazing. All the speakers knew just what to say. And I suppose that's really what eulogies are supposed to do. To comfort those who are hurting. And to make it look at your own life and reflect.

So how this relates to World of Warcraft. I thank those who posted in response to what I wrote last Saturday. I was so down at that time. It's good to know that others feel the way I do. In LIFE it is always good to find out there are others that share your feelings. Yes, there are so many jerks in this game, and in life, who think THEY are the only ones that matter. And it just seems that the best thing, sometimes the only thing, you can do is to ignore them. I can't let these morons stop me from playing my favorite game or even from driving to the mall.

And, who am I kidding, this new patch coming out looks AWESOME for my alts! But that's for another post(as well as an interesting new addon I found).

Thank you for those who are reading, if you read this whole thing. I really never get any human contact outside of my family. I reach out through my computer. And to be honest, I've been members of message boards across a wide spectrum-but I get the most responses from the good guys I have found through WoW. Thanks guys!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Remembering a Titan

No, I'm not talking about some boss in some dungeon. There are times when life is shown to be bigger than this 'game'. Yesterday was one of those days.

I live near Nashville. I moved to Tennessee the same year that the Oilers moved from Houston to Tennessee. If I'd gotten a dollar for every time someone asked me "are you following the Oilers?", well it probably would have paid for the U-haul truck. But no, I was following my mom and just starting over in my life. But the Oilers had recently given me a reason to be happy that I was moving to the same place that they were. It was Steve McNair. He really hadn't played very much by the time I left late in 1996(he was drafted in 1995), but we knew he was going to be good.

And good he was. Even great at times. He was everything I loved about football and he was what I expect out of people. He loved life. He gave back. He never complained. He never wanted the credit for the good but always took credit for the bad. He played no matter what. His heart was as big as Nashville and his smile was as wide as Tennessee. Yes, I cursed him when he defected to our hated rivals in his final years, but I still loved him.

Yes, I met him once. We went to one training camp practice day back in 1999. It was a very hot August day, but Steve, out of all of those that came over to the fans, stayed and signed for everyone that was there. I still have that card. And the two jerseys(Oilers and Titans), the bobblehead, the action figures. And I was excited to know that after retiring, he was coming back to Nashville to live. And I am shocked that it is over so soon.

So many people I find lately who think it is all about them at all times. I mean, the jerks who obviously don't care about anyone but themself and continue to shoot fireworks until late in the night-do they think everyone else in the neighborhood cannot hear them? But they don't care about anyone else. And the people in game who think their fun is more important than MY fun. Really? Would you block off all of the other checkout lanes in the grocery store so everyone else can't check out because you think it's funny? No, whether it is the internet or being in a vehicle, people just think they can get away with whatever they want to do, regardless of the consequences-because usually there are no consequences. And for some reason, so many people in this world have gotten in their heads that it really doesn't matter how what they are doing affects other people, so they will just do what they want. It's all me, me, me. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person left with a conscience.

Sorry for that ramble, but Steve was not one of those people. And with all of the celebrity deaths in the past week, I am saddened by this one the most. Because Steve wasn't really a "celebrity", regardless of how many people knew who he was and the stage he played on. Steve was Superman and Clark Kent at the same time. Steve was a true hero when most sports figures really should not be.

I'm going to miss you Steve. I still can't believe this has happened. I had hoped to wake up this morning to find it all a bad dream. But it wasn't. And I will be sad for a long time.

Photos from the memorial for Steve at LP field on July 9.

Friday, July 03, 2009

God is great

beer is good, and people are crazy.

To quote Billy Currington.

Yep. I think I've just about had enough of the jerks in this game. Sarah Palin quit being Governor of Alaska today, and I think I'm quitting Warcraft. The straw finally broke the camels back and I've had enough of dealing with assholes who think it's funny and cool to completely ruin someone else's game time.

So way to go assholes of the World of Warcraft. You win. I hope you die in a fire.