Friday, July 10, 2009

Yeah, I can't quit

To be honest, I've been very numb this past week due to losing someone who felt almost like a friend. Someone who has basically been in my life week in and week out for the last 15 years. After watching the memorial service on television last night, I was uplifted. And I remembered one thing-Steve was never a quitter. No injury kept him from playing, never a complaint.

Yes, I might be one of the few, geek and sports fan, but I was a sports fan first. And yes, I am a girl, but my first Christmas present was a football. Blame my dad, but I am pretty obsessed with sports. If you saw my den and thought the tons of Nascar or rows of hockey sticks or shelf after shelf of sports books belonged to my husband, you'd be very wrong. Heck, we named our daughter after my favorite hockey player!

Like I said, I've been numb since last Saturday. I mean, I was very sad when Dale Earnhardt died-but I couldn't STAND him as a driver. Steve was someone I watched every week for 13 years. Someone I had met and photographed. The one player I always had to have on my fantasy football team, no matter what.

I can't say that I lived my life in any certain way because of him. But I've never really been a complainer myself. Oh sure, I come on my blogs and cry about pains that are emotional(like anyone cares), but I've never been one to complain about physical ailments to the people around me. When I played sports, I played through pain. Heck, I don't even like taking aspirin for a headache. And maybe that's why I was so drawn to Steve over the years.

The memorial service, shown on television, from Mt Zion Baptist Church, was amazing. All the speakers knew just what to say. And I suppose that's really what eulogies are supposed to do. To comfort those who are hurting. And to make it look at your own life and reflect.

So how this relates to World of Warcraft. I thank those who posted in response to what I wrote last Saturday. I was so down at that time. It's good to know that others feel the way I do. In LIFE it is always good to find out there are others that share your feelings. Yes, there are so many jerks in this game, and in life, who think THEY are the only ones that matter. And it just seems that the best thing, sometimes the only thing, you can do is to ignore them. I can't let these morons stop me from playing my favorite game or even from driving to the mall.

And, who am I kidding, this new patch coming out looks AWESOME for my alts! But that's for another post(as well as an interesting new addon I found).

Thank you for those who are reading, if you read this whole thing. I really never get any human contact outside of my family. I reach out through my computer. And to be honest, I've been members of message boards across a wide spectrum-but I get the most responses from the good guys I have found through WoW. Thanks guys!

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