Friday, June 26, 2009

And Ding 80 #5

Yes, Daneck, my human mage, hit level 80 yesterday. And then I started the Wintersaber grind with him. Not sure why, just something to do. Inspired by seeing the Venomhide Ravasaur quest on the Public Test Realms(which looks insanely easy, even though it takes 20 days worth of dailies).

The Midsummer Fire Festival has helped quite a few of my alts level up. I've done nearly all of my 'under 60' characters, and just about all of them got at least one level. A few of my 'over 60' characters got quite a chunk of xp as well. Though I really don't do the "desecrating" of the other factions flames(except in one case, which I will discuss in a moment), so I really only get about 1/3 of the possible XP available. Fine with me.

I DID do a little bit of desecrating with my mage, Daneck, as he is working towards the 75 pet achievement, and the Spirit of Summer makes #61 for him. My druid and rogue had gotten this back way back when it was a quest to obtain him. They also got their Fire Festival Crown for stealing the opposing factions cities flames 2 years ago-before achievements. And even though I still have the crowns, I did not get credit for that achievement, and I am not interested in making that run again. So none of my characters will have the Flame Keeper/Warden title, and that is fine with me.

And then there's Ahune. A boss I never thought I'd see, but they left him at level 70ish this year. So my hubby's Paladin, kid's mage, and my druid have been 3 manning him. And after 14 kills we haven't even seen the pet drop yet. Sad panda. There was that one run where we wiped...because our power went out when we had him at 10%. I'm certain he would have dropped the pet that one time. Grrrr. So all cloaks and LOTS of them, 1 staff(my kid wanted it badly) and 1 enchant(for my druid) so far. And lots of those stupid cloaks. Grrrrr.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ding 80 #4!

Yes, last night my Death Knight finally hit level 80, making him my fourth at max level. Druid, Hunter, Rogue and now Death Knight. And my human mage is one bar from 79.

Next up is my Blood Elf Paladin, who duos with my husband's Undead Priest.

Also, still leveling my new baby Dwarf Paladin. She hit level 46 yesterday!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I love Death Knights!

I know most people hate them, but I have to say that they have really been a boon to solo-ers like me. I also consider my time duoing with my husband as soloing as well, because we never group with anyone else and basically I do all the work. And this is where Death Knights come in!

Before Death Knights:

On all but my main realm, where I have high level characters- and some of those characters were duoing Scarlet Monastery at level 40 just to avoid groups- my little alts would flounder around in the worst gear, with no guild, avoiding everyone like the plague. Ok, most are still unguilded and I always avoid other people like the plague. But dealing with no money and worse gear made leveling those alts a pain. Until some of those alts got high enough to run new alts through instances for gear(like my hunter on Draenor).

After Death Knights:

But only after the change to allow DKs on any realm as long as you have a level 55 on any realm.

I started a Paladin, mentioned in the post below, on a new realm a few weeks ago. Except this time, different than those days previously, I was able to do this after rolling a Death Knight with my husband on the same realm:
  • Send my new Paladin a little money for bags and to get started
  • Run out and farm certain items or check certain vendors for items
  • Sit in Stormwind and act as a bank alt
And the most important thing-my husband's Death Knight, even though they are still only level 59, is able to run me through Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, Razorfen Keep, and Scarlet Monastery. And my Death Knight will be running any alts he might start through instances down the road.

I realize this will only take me so far, but once you get close to heading to Outland, the ball starts rolling downhill and gear becomes less important. Outland quest rewards are good enough to get you through solo to Northrend. And of course, soloing to 80 once you hit Northrend is also easy as pie. Seeing as how I have completely soloed 2 and almost a third to the top.

So my baby Paladin, at level 39, is looking good in her Scarlet Gear, thanks to Death Knights. And my other baby Paladin(Blood Elf) on a different realm, is rocking some good stuff at level 42. And my level 30 baby rogue on Moonguard will soon look a little better than the peasant I play him as-at least when it comes time to quest!

Thank you Death Knights! Thank you!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Deadman's Hand...woot!

I started a new Paladin recently. After just a few weeks, she is already at level 37(and just got exalted with Stormwind today!). Over the weekend, I had my hubby's Death Knight run me through Scarlet Monastery and much to my surprise, Doan dropped Deadman's Hand! I could not believe it-in one run! And to further my luck, in the first run of Herod, I got the Scarlet Tabard! I'm still in shock!

This is actually my 2nd Deadman's Hand, my first was gotten by my Warlock, many moons ago. He was still wearing it until his mid-60s! Makes me wonder if I will ever take this one off of my new Pally.

And speaking of my Pally, have you ever started a character and felt so comfortable playing them that it seems like you should have been playing this character all along? Yep, this little Dwarf Paladin is doing that for me. I actually have a level 12 or so Dwarf Paladin on another realm that I abandoned ages ago. Sort of wishing I had stuck with them. But this one, the name I like, the look, everything. And I am having so much fun playing her that I've played nearly all of her 37 levels on unrested time, which is something I just never do. No matter! Plus, I've always wanted to ride an Alliance Paladin mount, it was one of the only ones I'd never ridden on any character-and now I have(still like the Blood Elf version better though!).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Way to go Penguins!!

Just wanted to show my Penguin love(Stanley Cup Champions, by the way-that's hockey) this morning!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mounts at 20?!?!

Holy cow! In the next patch, there will be some big mount changes. Namely: regular mounts at level 20, epic mounts at level 40(!), flying mounts at level 60-and being increased from 60% speed to 150% speed. Holy Guacamole! Epic flying will still be 5k gold, but at least you can get some sort of faction discount on it now. All other prices are changed accordingly(level 20 mount for 4g riding, 1g mount! What?!).

WoW. Just wow.

What that means for an altoholic? Well, it means I have I don't even know how many level 20-29 alts around that will be running to get a mount(even though I don't play them much, maybe I will now!). I have at least 4, almost 5, characters that are 40+ that will be looking at getting epics when the patch hits. But I wonder about Paladin mounts. You obviously can't do the epic quest at level 40! Will we get our Chargers free if we pay for riding? Or do we have to wait until level 61 like now? That means getting my Blood Elf to exalted with Undercity or Orgrimmar as quickly as possible(I refuse to ride that chicken). My Dwarf wouldn't have a problem riding the ram, but I'm close to exalted with Stormwind, so that won't matter soon.

WoW. Just wow. What a change! New druid forms and lower mount levels...BRING ME PATCH 3.2!!