Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kickingbird's 25 Exalted reputations

I know it isn't much compared to the 40 that you need for the "Exalted" title, but it's a huge deal for me. My druid recently hit the 25 exalted reputations by finishing up her Sons of Hodir rep.

Now let's see if I can remember all 25 without checking the Armory!

Horde factions:
1. Thunder Bluff
2. Orgrimmar
3. Undercity
4. Darkspear Trolls
5. Silvermoon City

Other Horde:
6. Frostwolf
7. Tranquillien

8. Argent Dawn
9. Cenarion Circle
10. Timbermaw Hold

11. Sporeggar
12. Cenarion Expedition
13. Mag'har
14. Scryers
15. Ogri'la
16. Sha'tari Skyguard
17. Netherwing
18. Shattered Sun Offensive

19. Kalu'ak
20. Kirin Tor
21. Argent Crusade
22. Oracles
23. Horde Expedition
24. Sunreavers
25. Sons of Hodir

As for getting to 40 for the title, even though it is only 15 more to get, would require either some very hard grinds or lots of raids. And those just aren't going to happen! But this is a nice little achievement to have that none of my other characters will likely ever get.

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