Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I love Death Knights!

I know most people hate them, but I have to say that they have really been a boon to solo-ers like me. I also consider my time duoing with my husband as soloing as well, because we never group with anyone else and basically I do all the work. And this is where Death Knights come in!

Before Death Knights:

On all but my main realm, where I have high level characters- and some of those characters were duoing Scarlet Monastery at level 40 just to avoid groups- my little alts would flounder around in the worst gear, with no guild, avoiding everyone like the plague. Ok, most are still unguilded and I always avoid other people like the plague. But dealing with no money and worse gear made leveling those alts a pain. Until some of those alts got high enough to run new alts through instances for gear(like my hunter on Draenor).

After Death Knights:

But only after the change to allow DKs on any realm as long as you have a level 55 on any realm.

I started a Paladin, mentioned in the post below, on a new realm a few weeks ago. Except this time, different than those days previously, I was able to do this after rolling a Death Knight with my husband on the same realm:
  • Send my new Paladin a little money for bags and to get started
  • Run out and farm certain items or check certain vendors for items
  • Sit in Stormwind and act as a bank alt
And the most important thing-my husband's Death Knight, even though they are still only level 59, is able to run me through Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, Razorfen Keep, and Scarlet Monastery. And my Death Knight will be running any alts he might start through instances down the road.

I realize this will only take me so far, but once you get close to heading to Outland, the ball starts rolling downhill and gear becomes less important. Outland quest rewards are good enough to get you through solo to Northrend. And of course, soloing to 80 once you hit Northrend is also easy as pie. Seeing as how I have completely soloed 2 and almost a third to the top.

So my baby Paladin, at level 39, is looking good in her Scarlet Gear, thanks to Death Knights. And my other baby Paladin(Blood Elf) on a different realm, is rocking some good stuff at level 42. And my level 30 baby rogue on Moonguard will soon look a little better than the peasant I play him as-at least when it comes time to quest!

Thank you Death Knights! Thank you!


Darth Solo said...

Death Knights FTW! I love 'em too. My DK is Blood and it's incredible. Self-healing is very important for solo-ing. As for solo-ing SM at 59, let's be serious. SM is easy for a 60, especially with the gear DKs get at that level.

Scout said...

I've actually leveled several of my Death Knights as Unholy, for the ghoul buddy. My level 79 DK is Frost, but he usually only plays with my husband's DK who is Blood and my kid's DK who is Unholy. We can take on some huge groups of mobs with those 3!

I just need to run all of my DKs through SM more to get that tabard! My Paladin got it first run, some of my DKs have run that 10 or 15 times without seeing it drop! Argh!

David said...

I totally agree. The third toon that I leveled to 80 was a Death Knight. I actually haven't done much with him since I got him to 80 since I usually go back to my Warlock or my Paladin for working achievements, seasonal events, raiding, collections, etc.

My original thought was the Death Knight would be fun to try to do some Battleground PvP with, but it hasn't been as much fun as I thought.

I enjoy PvP the most on my Holy Paladin. I seem to do well from an honor standpoint, even though I'm not personally killing anyone - just providing support and healing to the people that do. For me at least, that's been tolerable PvP. Plus, I seem to be pretty difficult to kill myself. Most would seem to rather move on to the closest clothie rather than spend the time trying to take me down! A guy with high resilience, plate and that can heal himself endlessly can apparently be pretty frustrating. I feel bad about that briefly until I realize they wouldn't be getting frustrated if they weren't trying to kill me in the first place.