Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some of what I've done

Kick, posing next to a K3 Bruiser in Stormpeaks. I like his helm and shoulders. We sorta match. :)

Some of the things Kick has done so far...

The Jig Is Up -Howling Fjord, fighting a bear with 28k hp at 72. He wasn't labeled as elite the day I did him. I noticed after a server restart and the next day he was suddenly elite and the quest was labeled group. It was most certainly NOT labeled group when I did it or I may not have attempted!
Harold Lane -Borean Tundra, went back and did this at 74, not too difficult being able to shift out of his traps and charge back at him. Completely forgot to use the Horn they give you.

Wrathgate series -I know this isn't meant to be group at all(except for one in BT), but the end of this chain was amazing!
Drak'uru -ended up at the top just after a NE hunter was starting the fight, I helped a little and got to see Arthas and loot the quest item. Anti-climatic, yes, but the whole series in Zul'Drak, being a Ghoul, was incredible.
Harrison Jones -escorting(or being escorted!) in the quest wasn't difficult(or a group quest), but it was one of the BEST things I've done in this game! Yes, I adore Harrison Ford. :)

Sucked it up and grouped for:
Breaking Through -Borean Tundra, final quest in Taunka village, duo'd with a warrior who asked for help in general. I really wanted it finished and took the chance.
Hour of the Worg -Grizzly Hills; fighting Arugal again was amazing! And a tough fight for someone who doesn't spend time doing tough fights in instances. Duo'd with a shaman who asked in general. Again, a tough fight for two but we managed and it was FUN!
Wanted: Ragemane's Flipper: I had thought about waiting to solo this, glad I didn't. I really, really wanted that staff and when a group was asking I jumped. 3 Death Knights, me and a rogue who showed up right at the end(Ragemane respawned quickly right on top of me). It was tough and I had to pop out and heal myself and a few others, but soo happy to get it done and get that staff!

Storm King's Vengeance-Oh my gawd. It started out fine. You ride on top of a Storm Giant's head and control him. Fighting the dragon was easy. Having a hard time finding Scourge to kill(you need 100). Second boss spawns the third. You heal by finding these green clouds(which are few and far between). If you can't get away, well your giant is GIANT and running around and getting caught on trees and other crap was beyond frustrating.

And as soon as you kill the 2nd guy the third spawns. And the first time I wasn't ready. I ran away and he despawned. And then I got stuck on a branch and couldn't control my giant anymore. And I got surrounded by Scourge and he died. No problem, go back and restart him.

But now, for some reason, I had what seemed like MILLIONS of Scourge constantly around me! I make it back to fight boss #2 again, get it done but someone else takes the healing clouds before I can and there is no way I can fight the boss #3-other guy steals my spawn. I run away. There always seemed to be hundreds of Scourge around me, killing them did no good, more just came from everywhere! I can't remember how many times it took killing boss #2 before I finally managed to tag boss #3 with enough health and healing clouds nearby to FINALLY kill this guy.

I swear this one quest took me an hour to do. I was screaming at the screen. But damn that helmet was worth it!

The first two weeks...WoW...

So it's been almost 2 weeks since Wrath came out. And yeah, I've been busy. Maybe too busy. Maybe I need to take a break. No, no, I didn't play my druid non-stop in some sort of marathon. She still isn't even 80(just dinged 79 yesterday afternoon). But I have been doing a LOT.

Druid, Kickingbird
  • Leveled to 79
  • Mining 450, enchanting 390ish
  • Kalu'ak-will be exalted today for epic fishing pole and penguin pet
  • have done some tough quests and getting over my fear of grouping for some quests-will discuss later

Rogue, Rayak
  • Leveled to almost 73(only grouping with hubby and kid)
  • Herbalism 450, Inscription 370 or something-I don't even care
Death Knight, Krevsun
  • Leveled to 60
  • Mining 224
Death Knight, Boreanaz
  • Leveled to 61, nearly 62
  • Mining 156, skinning 151
Mage, Wormtongue
  • Leveled to nearly 71
  • Alchemy 406, discovered Elixir of Major Mageblood
So yeah, I've been playing a lot. Maybe I should take a break.

Well, some interesting observations, quests I soloed, and screenshots coming later.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


With the realms being down all day yesterday, and still not up today, I'm not sure I'm very confident that there will be much playing in the next few days.

That being said...I will likely be playing my Druid solo whenever I get the chance. I will be posting here anything of interest, such as progress with reputations and any group quests I manage to solo.

I am anxious to get into a Death Knight, but we are going to have our 3 together on Kael'Thas so I will have to wait for the others to do that. I know we also plan on starting one on Draenor, so I may do that if I get really bored and itchy to experience DK firsthand.

Is it tomorrow yet????????

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's almost here...

And so the Lich King is doing what he can to provoke us. If the Zombie event and the Scourge Invasion wasn't enough, now there are giant Abominations and massive Frost Wyrms attacking Orgrimmar and Stormwind! It's a very interesting event, especialy Horde side, seeing many of the big players from the Horde all here in one place. Thrall, Garrosh Hellscream, Saurfang, Sylvannas, all running about fighting the Scourge! At one point I was following Hellscream around assisting him on each of those Abominations that spawned. He didn't really need my help, but it felt almost like an honor to be fighting at his side! (Ok, call me a lore nerd or whatever, but this is awesome!)

And so, today, Tuesday, is maintanence. Is Arthas attacking while we sit idly perussing the forums? Will Orgrimmar be but a shell of itself when we are finally able to log back in? What more is in store for us today and tomorrow?

I guess more importantly, is will I really be able to get anything done in Northrend on Thursday or Friday? Heh.

Taking all characters to one new town or the other. Learn the new level of professions. Set hearthstone and head back to a main city to be near a mailbox/bank/auction house. Kickingbird, my druid, will be my first to level. And when she isn't rested it will be Daneck(mage, WANT to see Dalaran!). And when hubby is home, our duo of his Tauren hunter and my Undead mage? Or our two Shamans? And when our kid wants to play it will be Rayak with hubby's paladin and kid's mage.

I can't wait. Hurry up Thursday!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Patch day 3.0.3 and one week to go

What's left to do? Lots I suppose. So much that I can hardly bring myself to log in with any one character and do something because I am constantly thinking "I should be doing X with Y!". Gah.

What am I doing? Well, trying to make up a little money with Rayak. He blew it all last week on mounts so he could get the Albino Drake. So I suppose I will be a socialist-just like our country will soon be(sob, that is another story...)-and redistribute the wealth. I mean, my druid makes money hand over fist, but my shaman can't do dailies alone for squat. And Rayak blew all his money. So I will probably send out money from the ones who have lots of it, to those who don't have much. Do I think this if fair? Nope, I sure don't. And I suppose I could stick to my values and let each character make their OWN damn money. But really...it is all MY money. I guess I'm thinking like the government now. Ick....

The other thing I am doing is working on Loremaster with Kickingbird. She is realistically the only one I can do this with I think. She is only 15 away from Kalimdor and about 100 away on EK(but I know of TONS of areas I skipped there). She did the Tier 0.5 quests way back when, is exalted with Timbermaw, and has done loads of quest lines that I just can't imagine doing with any other character(the Scholo key, etc). She is the only one who will be able to finish all of Outland I think(eventually maybe). And once I get done doing this with her, I don't think I will want to do this with anyone else.

Oh, and one more thing...with this patch...my warlock FINALLY gets his Dreadsteed without having to do that annoyingly long quest chain! YAY!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Albino Drake!

Yes, last Friday I finally got exalted with Skyguard and was able to blow all of his money on every mount possible JUST so the achievement Gods would send me an Albino Drake! I have to admit, it was TOTALLY worth it! This is an awesome mount and it ticks me off that I can't use it in Azeroth. I'll just have to be content to /afk in Shat for another 2 weeks. Heh