Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's almost here...

And so the Lich King is doing what he can to provoke us. If the Zombie event and the Scourge Invasion wasn't enough, now there are giant Abominations and massive Frost Wyrms attacking Orgrimmar and Stormwind! It's a very interesting event, especialy Horde side, seeing many of the big players from the Horde all here in one place. Thrall, Garrosh Hellscream, Saurfang, Sylvannas, all running about fighting the Scourge! At one point I was following Hellscream around assisting him on each of those Abominations that spawned. He didn't really need my help, but it felt almost like an honor to be fighting at his side! (Ok, call me a lore nerd or whatever, but this is awesome!)

And so, today, Tuesday, is maintanence. Is Arthas attacking while we sit idly perussing the forums? Will Orgrimmar be but a shell of itself when we are finally able to log back in? What more is in store for us today and tomorrow?

I guess more importantly, is will I really be able to get anything done in Northrend on Thursday or Friday? Heh.

Taking all characters to one new town or the other. Learn the new level of professions. Set hearthstone and head back to a main city to be near a mailbox/bank/auction house. Kickingbird, my druid, will be my first to level. And when she isn't rested it will be Daneck(mage, WANT to see Dalaran!). And when hubby is home, our duo of his Tauren hunter and my Undead mage? Or our two Shamans? And when our kid wants to play it will be Rayak with hubby's paladin and kid's mage.

I can't wait. Hurry up Thursday!

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