Tuesday, April 01, 2008

One week later with Shattered Sun

So far I am liking this new patch. The dailies can be tedious and a bit annoying but the rewards are good for someone who primarily solos. I've done them all almost every day with my 5 70s. As of maintenance today they are at the following:
  • Rayak -Honored 4220/12k
  • Kickingbird -Honored 3670/12k
  • Tohopka -Honored 3470/12k
  • Eremit -Honored 2570/12k
  • Wormtongue -Honored 220/12k
Not too bad I suppose, without running the new instance at all. Our server is on pace to hit Phase 3 in about 5 days. I could easily be Revered with at least Rayak by then. And when new areas open, new quests are added, which means more rep per day.

And it appears that at the end, when all phases and vendors are unlocked, all quests will still be available. If I did my math right, it will be 18 quests for 4350 rep and 202 gold. Per day. You could go from 0 Revered to exalted in about 7 days with that! And that means I am in no rush to get all of my characters to Exalted ASAP. Rayak, yes. Eremit and Tohopka as well. But Kick and Worm can wait on this one.

In the meantime, I've managed to gather quite a bit of gold doing this among my characters. Kick already has her epic flyer(and Netherray and Netherdrake :smile: ). Now I am wondering which one to buy for next. Rayak is a herbalist/skinner. But Tohopka is an engineer and would get the cool Chopper and be able to farm motes faster-*however* I still need 4 more points to get full in Engineering and can't make the chopper until then. Not too concerned about getting it for Eremit or Worm.

I have also considered letting Eremit spend his money on some jewelcrafting recipes. I bought the Dazzling Talasite recipe for 260gold. I had an abundance of Talasites and I had wanted that gem for my Shaman anyway. Always need MP5 with her. I still can't bring myself to spend too much for one, but I'm a cheapskate and I'd rather just save usually. We shall see, maybe if I find some good deals.

Now if the realms would just come back online!!!!!!!!!

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