Friday, May 16, 2008

Some one please stop me...... /cry

Ok, so we got our Warlocks to level 51. Played them up to their rested pins. Aaaaaaaand decided to dust off our old hunters on Draenor and try to get the kiddo back playing with us. We leveled them a bit the one day this week that hubby got home before bedtime. And then I did it.....

I started another alt. I wanted a rogue to play while hubby and kiddo are not at home or not interested. I already HAD one at level 10, but I didn't like his name. So I started a Gnome rogue. Male. Named Hekubus. (I was watching some Kids in the Hall skits this week, and of course someone had the spelling I wanted, good thing 'c' and 'k' are interchangable) And now he sits at level 15. At 5k/12k to revered with Darnassus(because of course he will ride a cat and not a mechanical chicken). Found a Blood Elf Bandit Mask on his first kill of one of those bandit guys. He looks silly in it though. Now ready to take on Darkshore for more Darn. rep and a Deadmines run-through.

Sigh...I just can't stop. I hate this!!! >.<

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