Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love stinks!

I'm so glad that holiday is over. I was really getting tired of being peppered with bonbons and perfume every time I wandered through any major city. And now onto Lunar Festival-a holiday that I only use to gain reputation points with any of my characters who might still need it. I absolutely refuse to do the achievements that require fighting my way through enemy towns. I've never, in 4 years, killed an opposing NPC outside of a battleground, and I don't intend to ever do so.

...and so I won't be getting the fancy schmancy purple dragon flying mount. Whoopee. I'm NOT going to change my ways just to get something like that.

And I've STILL NEVER ENTERED A HEROIC DUNGEON! Yep, with 7 level 80s, and 9 more over level 70, and never been in a heroic. I nominate myself for worst WoW player ever. Whatever.

I have gotten my Undead Warrior to level 61, and Draenei Priest to level 53. And NO dungeon groups joined on them at all. I have always been solo, I will remain always solo.

I really wish I wasn't playing as much WoW right now, and I may soon have to give it up. My husband has been out of work since mid-January due to a neck injury. And I had a bit of a medical scare recently myself. Things like WoW don't look all that fun or important when you are staring at something like that.

So I may be "outdated" because I refuse to use the new dungeon crap thing, but sometimes you have to stick to what you are comfortable with, especially when life around you isn't very comfortable.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Love is in the Air-NOT!

And they had to go and ruin another holiday. I know, it hasn't even started yet(where I am), but I've read up on how it has changed on all the sites, MMO-Champion, and Wowhead. The big change:

A new level 80 'gimmick' boss. And of course, he drops a mini-pet that you can only get there. Which means another mini-pet that I will never get.

Yes, he drops an epic flying mount that looks like only 12 year old girls should want(but people seem to be having fits wanting it-must be that 'I gotta stand out somehow' gene that I don't have). I wouldn't ride that thing if you paid me.

And he drops high level necklaces. Whoopie for someone who doesn't 'need' the high end gear(remember, if you aren't going to be doing dungeons and raids, you don't need the gear for dungeons and raids-well that's what people keep telling me!).

I'm not going to get into the details of all the other changes. It's hard to say whether or not getting some of the achievements will be easier or harder that they were before. My druid has the "Love Fool" title from last year, I don't really care if any of my other characters get it.


As to my lack of posts lately, well I haven't really had much to say. I've gotten my Draenei Priest to level 46, and my Undead Warrior to level 50. My level 80 Paladin dropped skinning and has leveled up blacksmithing(up to 370), without buying a single item from the auction house. I've been working on getting "the Seeker"(3000 quests completed) title for my 80 Rogue-he's about 450 quests short right now, and I got bored with it.

And then my big mistake, I screwed up with my "Rogue Demon Hunter". While fighting the demons on the west side of Desolace, I aggroed a warlock with imp, twice, and before it dawned on me I had killed the two-and then realized I had killed 2 humans. And now I'm not sure whether or not to continue with him or scrap it now. So bummed.

On the plus side-I love those little Raptor pets in their little nests! Thanks to how they are acquired now-by finding the raptor nests and getting the egg with the baby raptor minipet, now I have gotten many of those pets for tons of my characters! I seriously wish they were bind-on-pickup, but even though they aren't, they have got to be some of the easiest mini-pets to get out there. Love them!