Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wyndampryce, level 22 Demon Hunter

Yes, that's right, I've gotten my 'Demon Hunter' to level 22, strictly by grinding on Demons!

Wyndampryce on the Armory

This screenshot was taken after leveling to 22 and heading back to Stormwind to train.
That's 1094 mobs killed, 1094 Demons! (and 1 Deep Run Rat!)

To update on Wesley(his first name), he is a human rogue. At level 1 I ran him to Teldrassil and leveled to 6 on the demons in the Night Elf newb area. Then to level 10 on the demons in the cave at Dolonar in Teldrassil. Much of level 11 was exploring XP. Then I moved him to the demons on Bloodmyst Isle, the ones that are level 12-15, southwest of the main town. At around level 15, I moved him to the higher level demons in the north of the island. Between this and XP from exploring has gotten him to 22. The next demons are in Ashenvale starting around levels 23-24.

He has fully explored most of the zones his level and lower(with the exception of the Blood Elf areas). His herbalism is 154 and inscription is 142. He has lucked out and managed to get both the Sinister Squashling from Hallow's End and the Peddlefeet from Love is in the Air!

I generally let him rest in an Inn for a week to build up rested experience until at least the end of the current level. So far each level then has taken about an hour to gain. I know this will take longer and longer as the levels get higher. And will also change depending on the difference in level of the character and the mobs. The first few levels at the 16-18 Satyrs in Bloodmyst took an hour, with stops every so often to bandage or eat. The last few levels there went very quickly to the point where I had almost cleaned out the whole camp and had to wait for respawns as all mobs were green levels. The next group in Ashenvale will go slowly again due needing to stealth more and stop between fights, but the higher xp/mob makes up the difference, so all in all it comes out about the same in time spent/xp gained.

Also, he has gained quite a lot of money for a character his level simply by getting money dropped by mobs, selling every gray/white item they drop to vendors, and selling stack after stack of linen and wool on the auction house. A few glyphs have sold decently as well. He already has the money for his mount when he hits level 30-as well as plenty left over for snapping up a few bargains on the AH for gear when I can find them.

This has been an interesting expirement so far, and I look forward to leveling him up higher-though there aren't many demons in Northrend should I get him that high. Things may have to change at that point. But I will cross that bridge if I ever get to it!

To Play or not to Play?

Yes. I am still playing. Yeah, playing so much that I don't have time to update this page. Recently I've...

My Warlock is level 70, making my 9th character to at least level 70
My Dwarf hunter is 1 bar from level 70-that will make #10
My BE DK is level 67. 5, at 68 he will be in Northrend and then he will be #11 at 70

I've also done some **shocking!!** PeeVeePee with Kick! It's only Wintergrasp and while I can't say I'm having fun(yeah, I am certain I really suck at it), at least I've gotten some gear that makes her look a little better and slice through those boring old dailies like warm butter. I'd link the gear, but if you are reading this then you know what I am talking about. The leather headgear for WG tokens-the one that looks like the mask Anthony Hopkins wore in "Silence of the Lambs", heh. And in the time it took to get those 40 tokens I got enough honor to buy the Hateful Gladiator wristguards and necklace. And I've helped level hubby's characters who are leatherworking and blacksmithing, so I am also now sporting the Ice Striker's Cloak and Titansteel Destroyer.

What does all that mean? It means that for the first time EVER my main character is wearing more purple than any other color. Yep, not counting my tabard(which is also epic-Explorer ftw), I have 10 out of 16 slots in epics. And only 2 of the others are green-1 is a trinket, which will be the next thing I upgrade from WG making epic #11; and my Idol-which I have no way of upgrading, there really isn't much to choose from and no way for me to get any of the better ones. :/ Oh well.

I've also gotten a few new titles on my druid...Chef, Ambassador, the Seeker(3k quests completed), and Argent Champion(AD and AC exalted).

Again I say, what does all this mean? It means my character looks a little better while running around Dalaran gathering items for the cooking quest. I guess I don't get laughed at as much. But it still hasn't brought my friends back-they still won't talk to me-too busy running off to Naxx to even stop and wave or anything. And it just makes me feel like I have to do more somehow...and I don't want to! But I can't stop.

Seriously, I just stumbled across a website this morning that made me ACHE for the times before WoW when we would take road trips every other weekend to so many random places around our state and the neighboring ones. Taking so many photos I didn't know what to do with them. From having thousands of photos to look at back from 2001-2005, each year after that the number decreases. Yeah sure, the gas problem was to blame too. And exploring Azeroth seemed an almost reasonable sidegrade to exploring Tennessee. But I'd much rather be posting photos I took than "screenshots" I took. My personal website is up for renewal next month. I was seriously considering letting it go, letting it drop and giving that up. After spending 3 hours looking through photos on this other website this morning, I've realized I can't do that-I want to get mine back and going again.

If only I can stop playing all day, every day. Ya know-the old, "ah only 3 more days of these dailies until I can buy such-and-such" and "a few more hours questing here with this character to level up again" and "I gotta farm for a few hours so all of our characters can afford to buy our flying mounts when we hit level 70". I've got to stop.

Maybe today is the day. Maybe.