Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Stop Calling Me Commander!

  I killed Deathwing for the first time *last week*. I killed Arthas for the first time a few weeks before that. I am NOT that "Hero" that all the NPCs keep referring to. It is driving me a little crazy with every person I pass speaking about me as if I'm something special. Guess what, guys, I'm not. And it really cracks me up that a character that barely hit 90 before we ventured to Draenor, has never seen the inside of a dungeon, is talked about in Ashran's main cities as if they are a "rock star".

  How on Azeroth do these people know this character? How would they have heard of some random adventurer who stumbles into town? I have come to ignore it. Maybe I'm wearing a name tag(over my head?!?) so that is how they know who I am. But why do they care?

  And the garrisons. I get that I'm am sort of "in charge" and telling all these folks hanging around what to do and where to go. I've been sending them out to do things even *I* wouldn't do. They craft things I can't, they gather things I can't. I feel more like a manager at Wal-mart, and not one of the ones that wear nice shirts and ties to work, just one of the guys who gets yelled at when things go wrong.

  I have lots and lots of characters. I have never killed a raid boss when it was relevant. I have never even killed a DUNGEON (end)boss when it was at the correct level! For 9 years I have been running dungeons and raids only when I vastly out-level them. Those don't count!

  I don't have many complaints about this expansion(yet), but this is just one minor facet that gets under my skin a little.

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