Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eighty number Eight

And number 8 character reaches level 80. Yes, it's another Death Knight, which really isn't an accomplishment in my eyes, but no biggie. And he will now sit, maybe do some Tournament dailies, and wait for the next expansion. That's what my 80s do, and that's okay by me.

I've also gotten my little Gnome Rogue to level 74, and to Dalaran. Now he can sit and do Cooking, Fishing and Jewelcrafting dailies every day. And be able to do the Dalaran Children's Week quests when it comes back in May. Yay!

My Warrior is up to level 66, and my Priest is now 60. No dungeons at all.

So I now have at least one of every class to at least level 60. Whoopee. I'm okay with them, but don't have as much fun with them as I do with my Rogue. But that's me, I just like being invisible. I think I might talk about that in another post. Why playing a Rogue is exactly how my life is, i.e. I am completely invisible wherever I go. It's been that way my whole life. I am not an attention getter, and frankly I don't like attention getters. Like the guy on Family Feud yesterday, who had to make a show of every single answer he gave. I was so glad that they lost. People like that can get off of my TV NOW! Anyway, where was I? Don't know, don't care. Another Tuesday. Ugh.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

First egg!

That's right, first egg from those lovely little Oracles nabs my Paladin the sweet Reins of the Green Proto-Drake. And I was just hoping for four new minipets! Hee. :)

And it came just one day before getting exalted with Netherwing. They must have known.

So what I've been up to soloing? Well, *when* I've been playing, I've mostly been playing my 80 Dwarf Paladin. Lately I've...
  • Soloed the Zuluhed the Whacked quest in order to start the Netherwing dailies. I think it took about 2 weeks total to get exalted, but I wasn't doing all of the quests(because I didn't feel like going all the way to Nagrand every day)
  • Soloed the Battle of Crimson Watch quest in order to get the awesome Illidari tabard
  • Soloed the quest A Hero's Burden in Scholozar Basin in order to get started on those Oracles dailies(and get that sweet mount up there!)
  • Just a couple of days from my Paladin becoming my fifth "Crusader" from the Argent Tournament
I know these things may not seem like much to those running around in their itemLevel 264 gear and whatnot, but my Paladin doesn't even have the Superior achievement yet! Anyhow, just saying that there is still plenty to do for a soloer who hits 80 besides just leveling another alt.

I'll be heading to Nagrand to get those Talbuk mounts next.