Monday, November 30, 2009

Just for the record

My characters at this point, just for the record:

80 Tauren Druid
80 Blood Elf Rogue
80 Human Mage
80 Dwarf Paladin
80 Tauren Shaman
80 Blood Elf Death Knight
80 Blood Elf Hunter
76 Undead Mage
76 Undead Death Knight
75 Blood Elf Paladin
72 Dwarf Hunter
71 Blood Elf Paladin
71 Night Elf Druid
70 Undead Warlock
70 Orc Hunter
61 Gnome Rogue
and the rest are lower than level 46. Not sure who will be leveled next, or if I will be waiting until Cataclysm comes out to level another alt from low.

Oh, and my daughter broke her wrist. Again(she also broke it back in April). On our trip to the Smokies 2 weeks ago. Ugh.

Another play or not to play

So yeah, in the last month I've gotten another character to 80, my 7th to 80. It was my Tauren Shaman. And I've gotten my second hunter to 70. And my second rogue to 60.

Hallow's End took up a lot of time. Logging in every hour to trick or treat with about 30 or so characters can be time consuming. And trying to get the other achievements that go along with the event were also time consuming. I think I managed to get my druid and rogue(the 80s) the title of "the Hallowed". My 80 Paladin missed out only by not ever getting the Sinister Squashling pet.

And then last week was Pilgrim's Bounty. I had not considered doing much with this one, only some of my 80s. Then I found out about the ease at getting your cooking to 300 or higher and I jumped at it. I only managed finished all the events on my main 3, but I did get cooking up to 300 on many a toon(even a level 11 Tauren Druid that I have hanging around another realm!). It was a fun event to do with characters with my husband and daughter.

And I've also gotten 2 more characters to the Crusader title(exalted with Argent Crusade and all 5 home cities). And would love to save up enough Champions Seals to get my rogue the Argent Horse and my mage the Silver Covenant Hippogryph. To be honest though-I'm sick of that place now.

But the biggest news of the week-we attempted some Northrend dungeons! And let me say this now...I am not impressed. Some relatives leveled up characters(Pally tank and Death Knight) and we now have a group of 5. Joy. Hubby respecced his Pally to heal and we put together a crafted set for him. And we started small so he can learn...

We went to UK(something Keep?) first. Level 70s, pretty easy-I could probably solo this place with my druid. And there it was, first Northrend dungeon finished. A level 70 dungeon finished by a group of 80s. Boring. Then we went to Gundrak(?). Also fairly boring, and over before I really knew it. And lucky me, I have to disenchant all the gear(I hate being an enchanter). For our third attempt, we headed to Violet Hold in Dalaran. It also went fairly smooth until I got disconnected right before the last boss. Luckily I got back in with the boss at about half health and we finished no problem. Three dungeons down, and I'm wishing I was watching Ghosthunters.

And then we decide to go big. We head to Trial of Champions(? whatever the 5man is). And of course, this relative and tank is going on and on about the "purples" that we will see dropping here. Whoopie, so what? Gear color doesn't excite me in the slightest. And on to the actual fighting: the jousting goes fine. I've had plenty of experience in that, easy stuff. Then we have to fight the Gnomes and Dwarves and Draenei. Not so easy. We wipe the first time. Second try and we get them down. Leather spellpower belt drops. Lucky me, I get it(like I'm really putting together a healing set, har har). And then out comes the female Argent chick. And we just could not get past the first extra boss thing that she brings out. We must have wiped 4 or 5 times before I said "ENOUGH!" And a 22g repair bill tells me I've seen just about enough of dungeons. Gag. I think I'll slink back to my solo-ness, thank you very much.

And that brings me to now...being bored I guess. It happens every now and then. Oh I WANT to play! I want to level my Gnome rogue(now 61). I want to finish getting those Tournament goodies I mentioned above. And the Christmas holiday event will be coming soon. But I need a break for a few weeks I think. Besides, I need to do some Christmas shopping!