Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've never...

I thought it might be fun to make a post stating things that I've never done in World of Warcraft. I'm always talking about the things I do, this post is about the things I have never done.

  • Stepped foot into Molten Core or Zul'Gurub and I don't even know where Blackwing Lair is
  • Done Scholo or Strat with an appropriate level group
  • Been in a raid instance, ever, anywhere(that one in WG I did once, but I wouldn't count that-and I'll never go back)
  • Raided an opposing factions city
  • Completed any Northrend instance
  • Gotten the title "Jenkins" on any character-I don't even know where the place is that you can get it
  • Been equipped in all epic gear
  • Won the fishing contest-though I have certainly tried
  • Killed an opposing factions NPC, anywhere(BGs do not count)
  • Gotten a single Honorable Kill with my hunter, Wyl. Level 80 with 0 HKs
  • Advertised anything in /trade chat
  • Made any friends in game-oh sure I add people to my friends list every now and then, but they never speak to me again usually after that day so I just delete them later
  • Killed Onyxia
  • Fished up Mr Pinchy-thousands of lobsters later. Grrrrr
  • Joined the Looking For Group thing, I don't even know how it works
  • Been in any heroic dungeon, Outland or Northrend, not even stepped foot in one
  • Leveled past 33 on a PvP server-I just don't get the fun there
  • Been in a guild with more than about 10 people in it(my old PvP character is in a huge guild, but since I haven't logged in with him since about last November[and don't plan ever to again] I wouldn't really count him)

If I think of any more I will add them later.

Pathetic huh, why am I even bothering. :(

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Isn't she cute?

Got my Chef's Hat yesterday! And I've added the tux outift that I got a million of during Noblegarden to complete my fishing/cooking outfit! Oh sure, I put on my Weathered Fishing hat when I need to, but I think she looks pretty stylin' when she runs around Dalaran hunting down half-empty wine glasses. I've donned the old Chef title for now as well-I really like "Crusader", but "Chef" just fits my mood at the moment.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another fawn!

Yes, that's right. One week after my druid got her 75th pet and little fawn, I bought the Azure Whelpling off the AH with Rayak for 740g to make his 75th pet! I had been hoping not to spend money on it, but the fishing lady just won't give up a Crawler and I haven't had the time to do the Argent dailies with him to get his Sen'Jin Fetish.

No biggie, he now has the red and blue whelps and the little fawn!

Now to get Daneck up there-he has 57 pets!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crusader Kickingbird

I was kind of hoping all 5 achievements would show up at the same time-blotting out my character! No dice, just got the 2 showing. But you can see all 5 listed to the left. Just managed another 40 Seals, will be buying a pet for my kid's character when she gets home from school!

Rayak-still 4 Seals from his first pet and stuck on his 3rd Valiant. Haven't played him much, was waiting for hubby and kid's characters to trio with and they haven't really been into it.

Wyl-Almost done with his 4th Valiant, only Thunder Bluff left after this. His first 40 Seals bought a pet for Kickingbird. He has 6 now, will be buying the Staff of Feral Furies for him when he gets to 25(which could be a week, could be longer, I'm kinda burned out on these dailies!)

Wyndampryce, level 30 Demon Hunter

Level 30 and mounted! Sweet. This will make exploring and herbing so much easier now. Still waiting for full levels of rest before continuing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Fawn pet

On May 1, I got the last 2 pets I needed for the 75 pet achievement. The Mulgore Hatchling from the Argent Tournament was #73. The third Outland pet from Children's Week was #74. And then my hunter got the Durotar Scorpion with his Champion's Seals and sent it over to Kick for #75.

The fawn is very cute, and I do run around with the little guy out a lot, ya know just to say "hey I'm weird and I have a LOT of minipets!". I love the Mulgore Hatchling though. It is so cute and I love his running around.

I'm only a few tokens from 40 again, but I promised my daughter I would buy her a pet with my next purchase. She is at 69 pets with her mage. And in a few days, my druid will be known as Crusader Kickingbird(I'm behind a few days thanks to broken computers and a broken arm-my daughters-and laziness!).

Oh, and my rogue, Rayak, is 6 seals from getting his first AT pet-which will be #75 for him!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Wyndampryce, level 29 Demon Hunter

And he reaches 29th level, still having only killed demons!

It really hasn't been as bad as I had thought grinding might have been. For the last few levels I've been fighting the demons in Ashenvale. First were the Lesser Felguards and Felslayers(23-24) in Fire Scar Shrine in the southwest area. Then I fought the Felmusk Felsworn, Rogue, Satyr and Shadowstalkers(25-27) in the Nights Run area. The last level was fighting the Bleakheart Satyr, Shadowstalkers and Tricksters(26-28) in Satyrnaar. I will probably continue to fight those demons and the ones in Xavian(28-30) for the next few levels. I also have the option of fighting the Mannoroc Lashers, Roaming Felguard and Searing Infernals(29-30) in Felfire Hill and Demon Fall Canyon. After that he will move on to Desolace for awhile.

At this point, he has accumulated nearly 300g mainly by selling Glyphs, mostly the Minor ones. Stacks of linen and wool also sell well. He has had 2 blue drops so far, Skeletal Club from a Lesser Felguard, and Amy's Blanket from a Solid Chest in Nights Run(this one hasn't sold yet). So buying his mount at the next level will be no problem. And I look forward to moving up with him. Although, of course, he is only gaining roughly one level per week, so 30 more weeks until he hits level 60! And I don't look forward to figuring out how to get gear once he hits Outland without doing quests. And he will be stuck in Outland until he can't get any more Xp from those mobs, as there aren't many demons in Northrend. I'm not sure what I will do then!

One more note, I have allowed him the "luxury" of doing Holiday quests-as long as they don't involve killing anything. I did Children's Week, got the pet rat, "Whiskers". I gathered a few eggs during Noblegarden-but only enough to get the Spring Rabbit and the Bunny Ears. So far the only pets he has are from Holidays-Sinister Squashling, Peddlefeet, Spring Rabbit and Whiskers! The next holiday up is Midsummer Fire Festival-not sure he will be getting the Spirit of Summer-that's a LOT of torches to toss! And then to get Wolpertinger at Brewfest.